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Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

Flamingo Beach is centralized to many of the other beaches and resorts in the Guanacaste province. The area attracts crowds during peak seasons, as the waters are warm and many of the resorts are nothing short of luxurious. With plenty of places for respite and more for escape, Flamingo Beach is partygoer’s or mad-lover’s slice of heaven.

Flamingo is 45 minutes driving time from Liberia, the airport accessible for the entire Guanacaste Province. Heading southwest, the road runs straight into Guardia and then Huacas. Flamingo Beach is north of the Nicoya Peninsula, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The International Sports Fishing Tournament draws anglers from all parts of the world to compete for glory here. Other recreational diversions include kayaking, jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving at Catalina Island or Murcielago, ATV riding and horseback riding up and down the beach, sunset cruising, bar hopping, dancing and even some gambling. Lying on the beach is always acceptable.

The marine life off of Catalina Island and Murcielago provide the best views of underwater animation, with scuba diving and snorkeling tours heading out almost hourly, every day. There are barracudas, manta rays, fire and brain coral, puffers, squid, grouper, and rainbow fish galore. The mangroves provide respite for birds and underwater critters.

The beaches here line the coast like pieces to a puzzle. Flamingo Beach is the central beach, with the other beaches either running north or south to it. Heading north, some of the most prized beach spots are Playa del Coco, Sugar Beach, Playa Hermosa and Playa Panama. Heading south of Flamingo Beach, Playa Conchal, Playa Grande to Playa Negra all provide an easy escape.

The best surfing in Flamingo Beach can only be done with a body or boogie board. Most surfers (even beginners) head farther south to the Nicoya Peninsula. Walking is one option but a shared taxi won’t cost more than $20 USD. The waves are some of the more outstanding ones in the country. Beaches like Tamarindo, Mal Pais, Langosta and Montezuma offer surfers and wannabes more in terms of waves than Flamingo Beach.

Though the summer is really the rainy season, verano (or summer and summer temperatures) start in mid November and last until April. This area is the driest of all of Costa Rica, with dry tropical forest and dryer plains. The temperature can average 90 degrees Fahrenheit (35 Celsius) this time of the year, but humidity is kept at bay until the wet season arrives sometime in April or May.

Flamingo Beach Hotels
Most resorts offer some sort of luxury package for a fair deal, especially lately. Resorts often have swimming pools, spas and on-site restaurants and bars, fitness facilities, shuttle service gift shops, barbeques and, of course, beaches. There is cheaper accommodation inland.

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