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Montezuma, Costa Rica

Known as the Maui of Costa Rica, Montezuma takes no revenge. Montezuma, Costa Rica has reserved its ambiance since the fisherman decided that tour guiding and selling wares was easier than fishing.

Montezuma lies east as the crow flies of Malpais, on the flip side of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. Boats leave from Puntarenas and ferry passengers to either Paquera or Naranjo, both a close drive to Montezuma. Depending on the season, road conditions can be admirable or deplorable, making the drive quick and smooth or long and rough.

Montezuma offers visitors a chance to take part in trips to Tortuga Island, sport and deep sea fishing, canopy tours, snorkeling and scuba diving, with plenty of live music and bars to cool off in at night. Water activities are the most common, with surfing possible here or down the coast around Mal Pais and up and onwards to Playa Hermosa. There are some beautiful waterfalls in the area, with the most prominent being a fifty-footer, popular for jumping off.

The biodiversity in this area is housed in the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, but birds don’t heed fences. Birders and marine enthusiasts can enjoy spotting and watching wildlife in and around Montezuma. This and the bird sanctuary Isla Cabo Blanco abode brown pelicans, gulls, terns, brown boobies and pelicans. Glimpses of white-tailed deer, pacas, howler, spider and capuchin monkeys, coyotes, raccoons, porcupines and even anteaters can be caught in the area.

Montezuma Beach is the best beach. Wide white and gray sands make this place a good surfing spot and an even better beach bum spot. There are nooks and crannies to become secluded in. Playas Las Manchas is farther down and even more secluded.

Surfing in Montezuma, Costa Rica is catching on rather quickly these days since the mid 1980s when hippies and backpackers alike sought out cheap accommodation before venturing into the Cabo Blanco Park. The surfing is rather mild when compared to the more open ocean waves found in Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. When the surf is good here, the rip tide is powerful.

There are two distinct seasons, though they can run into each other for weeks at a time. Habitually, however, the summer months bring in more rain, humidity and bugs. The dry season is near perfect, with sunny days, starry nights and cool sleeps.

Montezuma Hotels
The hotels and lodging in Montezuma, Costa Rica have taken on new forms from the 80s and 90s hippie and backpacker incursion. Today, cheap and luxurious accommodation coexists in harmony accepting nature as the integral part of Montezuma’s beauty. This means that from the most expensive to the least pricey there is a certain tinge of greenery setting the backdrop.

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