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Heredia Province, Costa Rica

The Heredia Province of Costa Rica is one of its smallest, covering just 2,657 square kilometers in the north-central region. With a population of more than 378,000 is densely populated and bordered by Nicaragua to the North, the Alajuela Province to the west, San José to the South and Limón to the East. The province is located in the Northern Mountain area and home to the countries famous coffee plantations that cover the hillsides.

City of Heredia
The city of Heredia, the capital of the province that shares its name, is one of the largest and most densely populated cities in Costa Rica. With an elegant atmosphere and nearly all the amenities available to those in the larger city of San José, minus the congestion and traffic, it is a popular place for tourists to set up camp when exploring Costa Rica. The city is covered with hotels and mountain resorts for every budget and traveler including the Ramada Plaza Herradura and Selva Verde Lodge.

Volcan Barva
Among the many destinations within Heredia, the Volan Barva is probably the most popular and famous. It is one of the few volcanoes that tourists are permitted to climb. The volcano has lush green pastures at its base and stunning cloud forests near its peak.

Braulio Carrilo National Park
The Braulio Carrilo National Park, home to the Barva Volcano, is renowned for its size as well as the seven diverse habitats that exist within its 44,000 plus hectares. The park was created in 1978 to protect these diverse habitats and their unique plant and wildlife. The park is easily accessible from both the City of Heredia as well as the San José metropolitan area.

Carribean North
The Heredia province shares a small part of the Caribbean North region of Costa Rica with in its northwestern border. This is the region in which Christopher Columbus first set foot on Costa Rica in 1502. It is a popular destination for ecotourists and adventurers, as well as those seeking a quiet and simple vacation. Within the Heredia Province are of the region travelers will find numerous fire-warmed cottages and quaint restaurants that serve delicious and simple food over wood fires.

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