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San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and the metropolis hub where government, political, economical and many educational agendas converge. Unlike many urban areas in Latin America, however, San Jose capital runs rampant with lots of sightseer distractions. A few days is enough time to experience this vibrant and culturally cultivating city, often unfortunately overlooked by those heading straight to the coast.

San Jose is located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, surrounded by pinnacles on all sides. In fact, Heredia, Cartago, Alajuela and San Jose all help make up the huge valley. San Jose the capital city is just north and east of the center of the country, all but equidistant from both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Most international flights land in San Jose the capital, though Liberia is getting more international flights each passing year.

The two best theaters include the Melico Salazar Theater and the Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica, or National Theater. Time spent in the Gold Museum, the National Gallery of Contemporary Art, the Entomological Museum, the Fidel Tristan Jade Museum or Museum of Natural Sciences will exhibit various aspects of Latin America. Other activities in San Jose and the vicinity include Arenal Volcano, Spirogyra Butterfly Garden and Parque Nacional. El Pueblo is the place to go bar and club hopping and grab a bite to eat.

Most of the biodiversity in San Jose the capital city is likely concentrated in the museums and other wildlife exhibits. Less than 20 km from San Jose is the Braulio Carrillo National Park. Here, birders will see quetzals, toucans, trogons, and even eagles. Other animals include snakes, jaguar, ocelot, and the verdurous greenery. The entrance to the park is more expensive than most, but the solitude and accessibility from San Jose make it a great day getaway.

Like many parts of Costa Rica, there is a distinct dry and wet season. San Jose the capital city is covered in rivulets of rain daily from April well into November. Otherwise, the mountains seemingly trap in some humidity and warm temperatures all through the year. The rains stop and temperatures are coolest generally around December, right before the New Year. The city becomes a condensed melting pot of cultural soup, with art festivals, music festivals, film festivals and cultural festivals each week.

San Jose Hotels
The most extravagant and most discounted hotels are found in San Jose. The business people and travelers coming to and fro can all find their upscale or downscaled accommodation. The all-inclusive resorts, with private gardens and golf clubs have been catering to visitors for a very long time. It’s possible to find the best of the best in San Jose.

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