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Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is turning into one of the hottest surf and beach spots in all of Costa Rica, as more and more visitors find out about such little havens. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica has yet to hit its full prime, and remains special with hints of the untouched scattered up and down its beaches.

Santa Teresa HostelsHostel Cuesta Arriba, Santa Teresa
Situated directly at the point break, some 100 m from the beach. Hostel is very clean and designed for surfers to spend even longer surfing holidays.
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Santa Teresa lies northwest from Mal Pais on the Nicoya Peninsula. The main road follows the north and eastern coast running collateral and heading south from San Pablo, Lepanto, Paquera, Tambor and all the way to Santa Teresa. The roads turns to dirt and is unpaved much of the way.

Santa Teresa has grown since the 1990s as a surfer’s Nirvana. In addition to perfectly formed waves, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica proffers activities such as horseback riding, zip lining, beach sitting, deep sea fishing, kayaking, hiking, trekking, internet surfing and Spanish speaking classes. It’s possible to rent equipment for scuba diving, snorkeling, boogie boarding and other water sports.

Snorkeling in the tide pools illustrates an array of Costa Rican marine life. The corals and reefs bring in all sorts of fish and fish schools, not limited to sharks (especially where the turtles are), both hammerhead and whale sharks, grouper, manta rays, jewfish and so forth. Birders can fine-tune binoculars to Mangrove Hummingbirds, Alfaro’s Hummingbirds, Black-Cheeked Ant-Tanager and Coppery-Headed Emeralds.

The beaches in and around Santa Teresa are all interconnected in one way or another, though rocky outcrop or estuary may delineate one from another. Santa Teresa Beach runs all the way to Playa Hermosa, boasting some white and gray sands. Long walks along the beach at low tide are possible.

Santa Teresa really transformed from fisherman huts to luxury hotels because of the spectacular surfing. The waves here are consistent. Playa el Carmen offers some short lefts and long running rights. Heading north gives some bigger breaks, but rocks can make it quite dangerous. South into Malpais is Costa Rica’s most renowned surf.

The weather up and along the entire Nicoya Peninsula is rather predictable and indistinguishable. The summers tend to get more humid with early and late afternoon rains. Swells can be seen coming in from the Pacific. The dry season is the high tourist’s season, with temperatures hanging at comfortable levels.

Santa Teresa Hotels
Surfers and backpackers come by truck, taxi, and local bus or on foot to soak up the rays and endless sands. North of Santa Teresa are luxury resorts that cosset those with the money to spare. Father south, villas and hammocks await those who must tend for themselves, though accommodations are dotted without any sort of zoning.

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